My dad will tell you a story about me when I was a kid. I grabbed a bunch of my toys and asked my dad to get his home video camera ready. I drew a couple of different landscapes on white cardboard. And then I put my toys in front of these landscapes and had my dad hit record and pause immediately so that I could change my toys’ positions. Without knowing, I was making my one and only stop motion animation film. Thus, my filmmaking career began.


I was born and raised in Union City, New Jersey. I experimented in different mediums of writing, such as poetry and journalism, until finally settling in screenwriting. I attended New York Film Academy to study screenwriting while also assisting on several independent film projects for MOJOCreative Group. After completing the screenwriting program in 2009, I  co-founded Sunnyside Down Productions with a couple of my filmmaker friends. With my Sunnyside team, we made multiple award-winning indie films of all genres such as drama, action, and comedy.


In early 2011, I co-founded C.G.O. & G.ORE Entertainment, LLC with my brother. Together, we produced many short films from horror to comedy to romance such as the award-winning films "Adhesive Love," "Mixed Signals," and “Based on True Events.” My latest short film, “The Hunted,” was recently completed and has begun making its rounds in the film festival circuit, already garnering awards and nominations.


In June 2018, I was honored to have been a recipient for the Union City Artist Award for Excellence in Filmmaking. I am currently working on several scripts, shorts and features, one of which will be my next directorial project under a new production team, GORE Pictures.

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