The Hunted (2018)

Synopsis: Luke is a paranormal hunter who is able to communicate with the spirits of the undead. Claire is a recently turned lycanthrope on the run from the wolves who took away her humanity. And a vengeful spirit named Karen makes these two cross paths.

Director Statement

I started working on the script for The Hunted in 2015. I was inspired by Taxi Driver and Mr. Robot’s style of exposition through narration.


By early 2016, I found myself stuck with the script. Though I was true to the style I was aiming for, with Luke narrating the entire story, I felt that it was missing an integral piece of the puzzle. Then I read about rapist Brock Turner in the news. I read the powerful letter that the rape survivor read to him at his sentencing. That's when I knew what was missing from my story. I had made the grave error of having Luke tell the entire story, including the story of the other main character, Claire. She needed a voice of her own.


I sat down in front of my laptop once again and deleted half of Luke's narrations and added seven more pages to the script. It was enough to have Claire tell her story. With The Hunted I learned a valuable yet obvious lesson: women have stories to tell, too. It’s my job as a filmmaker to listen to what they have to say, even if I'm the one doing the writing.

Production Stills

Photos by Humberto Guzman

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